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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Good health

Factors contributing to good health are regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress reduction and weight management.

The focus seems to be on admission to a good “school” and getting good “rankings/grades” while overlooking the other yardsticks for a successful future.

It is increasingly recognized that young adults are having heart attacks, diabetes etc in their “20’s”.

To prevent this, we recommend lifestyle changes in early childhood, so they become lifetime habits.

The changes are to be adopted by the whole family and not the child only.

Swimming, jogging, playing badminton etc as a family should improve yours and your child’s future.

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  1. Extremely valuable point. Kids should be kids and go through all the childhood related activities. Studies should only a small part of their daily routine, and not the only activity.. I completely agree, that play and games help set the base for a healthy adult and also helps stimulate kids creativity and help in natural brain growth. It all starts with parents commitment towards these..